DOOMGX.DIR.gz : a doom for hp48
ZELDA48.DIR.gz : a zelda for hp48
analyse.tgz : a ppp analyzer for unix
ansi15b.tar.bz2 : a terminal emulator for hp48, with a termcap entry for unix
atcommands.txt : a doc on HAYES commands of modems (those of my Courrier (tm))
cte.exe.gz : a terminal emulator
linux-mag.tgz : a rough database of (french) articles published in Linux Magazine : a great bomberman for dos
a Unix account somewhere) : to drive your TV with your hp48
tagbanwa : a font for the Tagbanwa script : a terminal emulator for hp48 (requires meta kernel)
tetrinet.tar.gz : a network tetris for unix : the windows client
ttyx : to use an external device as keyboard in X11
win_pthread : a lightweight pthread implementation for mingw32
zsend : client part of zsend/zrecv: zsend machine file
zrecv : server part of zsend/zrecv: zrecv