Tagbanwa font

Dowload a font for the Tagbanwa script, distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Creative Commons License

It was re-drawn from scratch by just looking at the unicode 5.0 tagbanwa chart glyphs. I also used the snippet at omniglot for (crudely) fixing the marks.

Rendered by your browser:

 ᝢ ᝣᝳᝤᝳᝥᝳᝦᝳᝧᝳᝨᝳᝩᝳᝪᝳᝫᝳᝬᝳᝮᝳᝯᝳᝰᝳ

Rendered by pango:

Tagbanwa exerpt

I've never drawn any font and don't know tagbanwa at all, so you may find this one not very elegant, etc., but at least it exists (I couldn't find any free font for Tagbanwa...). If you'd like to fix issues, feel free, that's what Creative Common License is for. That said, maybe you should send me back the fixed font (with your name added of course) so people can find the fixed font at the same place.

For typing Tagbanwa on OSX, see Tom's blog

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