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3. Utools

Useful tools to tinker with interneting.

3.1 PING

Takes an IP, and gives 1 if ping succeded, else 0


Takes an IP, and keeps pinging. By breaking it with ON, one gets the success percentage (generally 1!)

3.3 ECHO

Takes a real n and an IP, sends n chars on the echo port of the IP, and gives the number of corresponding received chars.


Takes an IP, asks the server and updates hp's clock. You'll need to set a MCL variable to tell the timezone and Daylight Saving state, for instance GMT-4 and Daylight Saving enabled:

{ 0 0 0 -4 -4 1 1 0 } 'MCL' STO

4th and 5th elements must be the current timezone (in hours) and the 6th and 7th element must be 1 if Daylight Saving is enabled, 0 else.

It is not very precise, but precise enough for hp: ~=1 sec offset.

You should install Heiko Arnemann's ClckAdjst program: NETTIME will then call it to tell the needed shift. Hence by calling NETTIME from times to times your can very easily tune ClckAdjst's adjustment. If the shift makes the date change, it is considered as too big, and hence NETTIME just calls ClIni after setting the clock.

WARNING: to keep it simple, it is unable to manage midnight's date change. So avoid running it just around midnight.

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