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something that isn't related at all: an HP49g+ remote controller

Firstly, some tools:

tgz files contain sources, zip files don't.

Current (but frequently minorly updated):

Usinagaz version 0.4-pre (zip|tgz) implements option setting. Basement for multisocket.

Usinagaz version 0.3 (zip|tgz) implements PAP as well as Dynamic DNS. Introduces a SysRPL and an Assembly interface. I wrote my own permanent interrupt handler for hp49, and it really works !

Usinagaz version 0.2 (zip|tgz) CHAT would be bug-free ? Some minor fixes, and some cleaning. Now support >1500 writes ! It uses a standardized mean of knowing whether we are connected or not, so Navigator 0.01 won't work, only recent 0.02 will. TCP retransmissions seem to work. Useful advanced parameters for READ.

Usinagaz version 0.19 (zip|tgz) getting to version 0.2. Still some things to add before it, but already releasing the new socket system !

Usinagaz version 0.13 (zip|tgz) : some minor updates and bug fixes

Usinagaz version 0.12 (zip|tgz) : nicer chat !

Usinagaz version 0.11 (zip|tgz) : removed User-RPL, minor bug fixes

Usinagaz version 0.1 (zip|tgz) : still quite beta, but works !